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The purpose of the Georgia Kindergarten Entry Profile is to provide teachers, administrators, and others with high-quality information about each student's readiness. The Georgia Kindergarten Entry Profile will help teachers individualize instruction and determine and support and intervention that may be needed. It also provides formative information of each child's knowledge and skills as they enter kindergarten, which will have an effect on instruction and professional development.


The Georgia Kindergarten Entry Profile will be developed using research-based best practices and recommendations from organizations such as

  • National Research Council
  • National Education Association
  • National Association for the Education of Young Children
  • Council for Exceptional Children
  • State kindergarten assessment systems
  • Review from national experts in the field of early childhood education and assessment

The Georgia Kindergarten Entry Profile will consist of direct and indirect tools and will be aligned with the Georgia Early Learning Development Standards and the Essential Elements of School Readiness. It will also be vertically aligned to the College and Career Ready Georgia Performance Standards.

One key component of the Georgia Kindergarten Entry Profile will be the ability to apply the tools in an instructional context while maintaining a natural application. A natural application allows for the Georgia Kindergarten Entry Profile to be invisible to students and appropriate for all students including English learners and students with disabilities.

The Georgia Center for Assessment will also include teachers, to the extent possible, in all facets of this development.

The Georgia Kindergarten Entry Profile will be an extension of the GKIDS and allow for the collection of data in the GKIDS online database. This data will also link to the GaDOE for the inclusion in the Statewide Longitudinal Data System.


Pearson Education

Principal Investigator

Jeff A. Barker
  • Associate Director, Georgia Center for Assessment

  • Senior Research Scientist, Department of Educational Psychology (Quantitative Methodology)

Active Since

December 2014