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This project will allow 12 participants, all of whom are involved in K-12 education through in-service, pre-service, or administration, to travel to Tanzania to collect teaching materials in order to develop projects that can be shared among other K-12 teachers.


The University of Georgia is applying for a short-term curriculum development 2019 FulbrightHays Group Project Abroad Program. Twelve participants composed of K-12 in-service, preservice, and administrators will engage in this project. The absolute priority project will take place in the USA and in Tanzania. The proposed project will allow participants to travel to Tanzania for the purposes of collecting teaching materials for the development of rich program projects that can be shared with other teachers of K-12.

The program project meets competitive preference priority 1 which awards project that are for GPA Short-Term Projects involving selected Institutions and Organizations such as MinorityServing Institutions (MSIs), Community colleges, and New applicants. This project qualifies for this priority under the New Applicant provision since this is the first GPA proposal from the College of Education, Department of Career and Information Studies at the University of Georgia. The project will also introduce hands-on experience to the participants through of robotics studies and indigenous knowledge in addition to language and area studies.

The proposed project meets Competitive Preference Priority 3, which awards projects that offer Substantive Training and Thematic Focus on Priority Languages. This project qualifies for this priority in that it will offer intensive Swahili language training; at least 50% of the time allocated for the pre-immersion, immersion, and post-immersion periods of the project. The rest of the 50% although labeled indigenous knowledge and robotics, it's instruction will be in Kiswahili and an effort to coin new Kiswahili words for robots, robot parts and systems will be actively explored. Finally, the project meets competitive priority 4 because the participants will be K–12 Educators.


U.S. Department of Education

Principal Investigator

John M. Mativo

Associate Professor, Career and Information Studies


Rob Branch

Professor, Career and Information Studies

Active Since

October 2018