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GSAP will provide families, early intervention providers, special education teachers, regular education teachers, related services personnel, and administrators with the training and information needed to develop and implement individualized supports to ensure that children who are deaf-blind have high-quality early intervention and educational opportunities that lead to successful transitions from Part C to Part B as well as to postsecondary education or employment.


The Georgia Sensory Assistance Project (GSAP) is designed to meet the critical needs of Georgia to improve educational achievement and outcomes for children who are deaf-blind (birth to 22 years of age).

GSAP staff will provide universal, targeted and intensive technical assistance to families, early intervention providers, and school-based teams. In addition to providing workshops, dissemination activities, and specific team training, GSAP will use existing national resources developed through NCDB and Perkins. In order to meet the recognized need of identification of children with deaf-blindness, GSAP will coordinate identification efforts with appropriate agencies to find children with deaf-blindness and maintain a deaf-blind census. Formative and summative evaluation procedures using quantitative and qualitative measures will be implemented.



Principal Investigator

Carol Darrah

Early Childhood Coordinator, Communication Sciences and Special Education

Active Since

October 2018