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The goal of this National Science Foundation-funded research project, shared between the University of Georgia and the University of Alabama, is to develop teachers' capacity to teach challenging biology concepts using models and modeling.

Project activities are centered on a model-based approach to teaching cellular respiration. The instructional approach used in the project is inquiry-based and exemplifies three-dimensional science teaching described in Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

We are looking for teachers in Alabama and Georgia who would like to participate in AiMS, to gain ideas and resources for teaching about cellular respiration and to learn about how modeling can be used to teach challenging biology concepts.

The AiMS project is for teachers who would like to:

  • Be in community with other biology teachers
  • Learn a new way to teach that works for difficult biology concepts like cellular respiration
  • Develop proficiency in Next Generation-style teaching

Teachers who join this project will take part in a two-day professional development institute June 15-16 at the University of Georgia. Teachers will then have the opportunity to use the project materials in the 2018-2019 school year with the option to participate in a research study of the effectiveness of the modeling approach.

Curriculum Materials

Orientation to Curriculum

Read this note first to orient you to the materials.

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Pacing Guide and Instructional Materials

This includes a pacing guide, teacher instructions for each lesson, and all handouts.

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Teaching Slides

This is a Google Slide Show meant to support instruction that can be used along with the instructional materials.

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Download serveral instructional PowerPoint Slides that are linked on the teaching slides, but can be directly accessed via this folder. Please note: the slide animation works best if you can save these PowerPoints to your desktop and run them on Microsoft PowerPoint.

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Meet Our Team

Portrait of Dan Capps

Dan Capps

Assistant professor, Department of Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies Education (Science Education), University of Georgia

Portrait of Carlson Coogler

Carlson Coogler

Ph.D., science education, The University of Alabama

Portrait of Jonathan Shemwell

Jonathan Shemwell

Assistant professor, Department of Curriculum and Instruction (Secondary Science Education), University of Alabama

Portrait of Ayça Karaşahinoğlu

Ayça Karaşahinoğlu

Ph.D., science education, University of Georgia

Portrait of Elgin Leary

Elgin Leary

Ph.D., science education, University of Georgia

Publications and Research

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