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Creativity and Imagination Lab

The Creativity and Imagination Lab explores an expansive array of topics in the multifaceted realm of human imagination. Our team approaches the investigation of the human mind using interdisciplinary and systemic lenses, and our resulting work and scholarship are relevant for diverse domains of basic and applied research. Our team investigates questions from empirical, methodological, and theoretical standpoints.
  • Cognitive-behavioral studies of creativity across the lifespan
  • Neuroscientific and psychophysiological studies of the creative process
  • Training and induction effects on creativity
  • Methodological guidance for the optimal study of creativity
  • Development of novel methods to assess creativity
  • Qualitative approaches to examining creativity in context
  • Theoretical models of the creative mind
  • Neurophilosophical theoretical frameworks
  • Understanding the reality-fiction distinction
  • Mental time travel (episodic and semantic prospection and memory)
  • Mental state reasoning (theory of mind; intentionality; belief/desire states)
  • Self-referential thinking and social cognition
  • Consciousness and mindwandering
  • Aesthetic states and experiences

Tools and Techniques

Based in Aderhold Hall, the Creativity and Imagination Lab follows a multi-method approach and examines the human mind using the following tools and techniques:

  • Experimental psychological methods
  • Neuroimaging
  • Neuropsychology
  • Electroencephaolgraphy (EEG)
  • Psychophysiology (galvanic skin response, heart rate)
  • Psychometrics
  • Qualitative (thematic analysis)

Contact Info

Anna Abraham , E. Paul Torrance Professor and lab director
Creativity and Imagination Lab 123P-123R Aderhold Hall 110 Carlton Street Athens, GA 30602
© University of Georgia, Athens, GA 30602