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Democracy and Equity in Education Politics (DEEP)

The aim of our research is to better understand the democratic politics of educational equity and justice, including policies and movements meant to advance equity and justice as well as those that may be serving as barriers. We ask: How do people engage in the politics of education policymaking? What do people believe about these types of policies, why do they hold those beliefs, and why do those beliefs matter? Finally, how do people translate those beliefs into action? Current projects include (but are not limited to) investigations of citizen attitudes toward the Stop CRT Act, the rights of transgender youth, student social movements, and the framing of affirmative action.

Core Team Members

Richard Blissett

Principal Investigator, Faculty, Educational Administration and Policy

Joseph-Emery Kouaho

Graduate Assistant, Educational Administration and Policy

Ahreum Lim

Graduate Assistant, Learning, Leadership, and Organizational Development

Shuyang Wang

Graduate Assistant, Educational Administration and Policy

Paola Garcia

Undergraduate Assistant, International Affairs, Political Science

Mohona Mandal

Undergraduate Assistant, Psychology, Sociology

Roberto Ortiz

Undergraduate Assistant, Sociology, Women’s Studies

Daniel Schultz

Undergraduate Assistant, Political Science

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