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Project OCEAN

Opportunities for Clinical and Educational Activities in Northeast Georgia

Project OCEAN is funded by the Human Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) through the Behavioral Health Workforce Education and Training (BHWET) Program for Professionals. The OCEAN fellowship offers evidence-based training in the areas of behavioral health and integrated care to student trainees in four nationally renowned graduate-level behavioral health programs at the University of Georgia:

  • Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology
  • MEd in Mental Health Counseling
  • MEd in School Counseling
  • MSW in Social Work

The project seeks to expand the behavioral health workforce in underserved communities throughout Northeast Georgia, to increase access to behavioral health services, and to evaluate the effectiveness of the program’s training of students in inter-professional services and behavioral health competency.

The Fellowship

Project OCEAN provides the opportunity for students in clinical training programs to receive didactic training experiences, supervision from licensed professionals in their fields, and internship and practicum experiences in evidence-based interventions and integrative behavioral health-primary care services.

The fellowship offers a stipend to support internship and practicum work in specified integrative healthcare settings. We have developed collaborative relationships with integrative healthcare sites throughout Northeast Georgia that welcome the opportunity to work with behavioral health service providers in training.

Fellowship commitments include:

  • Attending seminars relevant to training in integrated healthcare services
  • Enrollment in a health psychology course offering training in evidence-based approaches effective in addressing mental and behavioral health concerns
  • Completing surveys at the start and end of the fellowship year, as well as post-graduation
  • Attendance at grand rounds case presentations, including making a presentation of one’s own clinical work

As part of our program, group supervision builds skills in case conceptualization, diagnosis, and treatment planning, while individual supervision builds skills through intensive focus on clinical cases. Grand rounds are held in December, mid-spring, and May of the fellowship cycle. The specific dates and times of grand rounds will be announced.

Meet Our Team

Bernadette Heckman, Ph.D.

Principal Investigator

Jason Blizzard, Ph.D.

Co-Investigator, Project Manager

Jennifer Elkins, Ph.D.


Amanda Giordano, Ph.D.


Orion Mowbray, Ph.D.


Rosemary Phelps, Ph.D.


Our Fellowship Sites

  • Acceptance Recovery Center
  • CorrCare
  • Live Forward
  • Project ADAM
  • Advantage Behavioral Health Systems
  • Banyan Tree
  • Center for Counseling and Personal Evaluation
  • The Tree House
  • Barrow County School System
  • Clarke County School District
  • City Schools of Decatur
  • Cobb County School District
  • Fulton County Schools
  • Gwinnett County Public Schools
  • Hall County Schools
  • Jackson County School System
  • Madison County School District
  • McDuffie County School System
  • Oconee County Schools
  • Walton County School District
  • Cobb & Douglas County Community Service Board
  • The Cottage
  • DeKalb County Community Service Board
  • Family Counseling Services of Athens
  • Hillside
  • Social Empowerment Center
  • SummitRidge Hospital
  • View Point Health

2022-2023 Fellows

Counseling Psychology (PhD)

  • Charmaine Mora-Ozuna

Master of Social Work (MSW)

  • Elisabeth Colquitt
  • Sharita Khatiwada
  • Emma Furman
  • Sarah Comito
  • Kate Buechner
  • Yleen Lubin

School Counseling (MEd)

  • Savannah Pitone
  • Lia Petriccione
  • Shannon Zogran
  • Sklya Chon
  • Jasmine Thompson
  • Angela Cho
  • David Lee
  • Brittany Gantt
  • April Harris
  • Jakob Namon
  • Tajah Pinkard
  • Kelly Ruda
  • Eden Taylor

2022-2023 Training

  • “Latinx community, Covid, and mental health disparities.” - Edward Delgado-Romero, Ph.D.
  • “Ethical aspects of telepractice in an integrated setting.” - Linda Campbell, Ph.D.
  • “Ethical aspects of professional use of social media.” - Linda Campbell, Ph.D.
  • “Introduction to Trauma-Informed and Trauma-Specific Treatment.” - Jennifer Elkins, Ph.D.
  • “Latinx mental health, spirituality, and intersectional issues.” - Edward Delgado-Romero, Ph.D.
  • “Understanding the Relationship Between Trauma and Addiction.” - Amanda Giordano, Ph.D.
  • “MTSS and Tier 3: Best practices for supporting youth with elevated and complex mental health needs.” - Jolie Daigle, Ph.D.
  • “The Neurobiology of Trauma.” - Bernadette Heckman, Ph.D.
  • “The Trauma of Racism and Oppression.” - Bernadette Heckman, Ph.D.; Amanda Giordano, Ph.D.; Jennifer Elkins, Ph.D.

Contact Info

Jason Blizzard, project manager
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