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RAIL (Research and Innovation in Learning)


RAIL’s mission is to bring educational innovation to universal challenges by incubating ideas, innovating solutions, and impacting society.


Through innovation in education, our vision is to lay the tracks that will guide and equip groups and individuals to overcome the challenges of the world we live in.


Our interdisciplinary research laboratory was formed by faculty in the Department of Workforce Education and Instructional Technology at the University of Georgia College of Education. Since 2015, six core faculty members at RAIL have established key research groups while working with more than 20 doctoral students, collaborating with more than 40 scholars in different fields (human medicine, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, engineering, science, education) from different institutions, developing a dozen strategic partnerships with corporate organizations, NGOs, and governments.

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RAIL's i3 ApproachTo accomplish our mission, we use our i3 approach.
Incubation (Screening and Funding)Ideas for new research programs are screened using six criteria: Importance, urgency, novelty, feasibility, sustainability, and impact. Then, funding sources are sought and/or grant proposals are prepared to carry the selected programs forward.
Innovation (Iterating and Communicating)Once funding is granted, a team is formed and assigned to the program. In communication with the different stakeholders, they will further design, develop, test, and verify the innovation and its elements. Finally, the team will customize the innovation for scale-up according to the needs of the stakeholders.
Impact (Disseminating and Evaluating)We then seek additional partners to make the innovation accessible on a larger scale, while continuing to evaluate its sustainability and impact on society. In line with our mission, we hope the combination of affordability and availability will positively impact the global community.

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