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UGA Concussion Research Laboratory

Our Mission and Vision

The mission of the UGA Concussion Research Laboratory is to improve concussion management by conducting novel and innovative research, providing cutting-edge patient care, and engaging the University of Georgia student body and local community through outreach and education programs.

The vision of the UGA Concussion Research Laboratory is to become a national leader in clinically based concussion research, recognized for exceptional patient care, community education and involvement, and the development of students who will become future leaders in the field of Sports Medicine.

Current Projects

Our lab has been a part of large, multi-center studies and has received funding from various sources which include the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), Department of Defense (DoD), National Football League (NFL), and more.

Other current projects include:

  • Youth football head impact biomechanics
  • Driving habits, perceptions, and performance following concussion
  • Reaction time and movement deficits after concussion
  • Relationship between concussion and musculoskeletal injuries
  • Factors influencing concussion recovery in college-aged individuals
  • Reliability and validity of novel concussion assessment tools on the market

Meet Our Team

Team photo

Emily Miller, MS, ATC

Project Coordinator

Taylor Langon, MS, LAT, ATC

Research Professional

Kayla Kowalczyk, MS

Doctoral Student

Tom Prato MS, ATC

Doctoral Student

Eric Shumski, MS

Doctoral Student



The laboratories are equipped with multiple computers and iPads, which allow for a variety of computerized concussion assessments.

The laboratories are also equipped with:

  • Eye movement tracking technology
  • Mobile center of pressure measurement devices
  • Two Driving Simulators
  • A Multi-Cervical Unit to capture neck strength and range of motion
  • Head-impact biomechanics sensors
  • Multiple clinical concussion assessment tools

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