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We are a research and service team under the direction of Edward Delgado-Romero, a professor in the Counseling Psychology doctoral program in the College of Education. ¡BIEN! is the collective name for the many multicultural projects that are going on in our team. Our team tenets include:

  • Give psychology away
  • Leave communities better for your presence
  • Increase the multicultural competence of all psychologists and counselors
  • Demystify the research process for both the community and for graduate students

The goal of ¡BIEN! is to leave a positive impact on communities where there is mutual benefit and increased trust in the research and service of psychologists.

Our History

The idea for ¡BIEN! began in 2005 when Delgado-Romero came to the University of Georgia. He envisioned a collaborative research team focused on serving underserved and marginalized populations in a culturally competent and empowering way. Dr. Eliza Wells and Dr. Kimber Shelton were the first members of the team. In 2011 the team, under the direction of team leader Dr. Cristalis Capielo formally became ¡BIEN! when we were asked to provide outreach to the Athens Latino Center for Education and Services (ALCES). In 2014 Dr. Marjory Vazquez helped start the bilingual clinic at ALCES, which moved to an independent site in 2018.

As a collaborative group, BIEN members work on research, advocacy and perform community service together. Group members attend conferences together, attend dissertation defenses as a group and volunteer time to help each other and the community through efforts such as support groups and volunteering people power for disaster relief and on MLK day. BIEN alumni connect with current students and we have held informal gatherings in Atlanta, at conferences, and the team has quarterly socials at the Delgado-Romero house.

Research on ¡BIEN! Outcomes

In 2015, Edward Enrique Delgado-Polo, completed a study on ¡BIEN! detailing the historical research completed by the team.

This presentation features a detailed history of the diverse research endeavors that are conceptualized, initialized, and completed by the ¡BIEN! team, as well as the outcomes of the current and former members pre- and post-graduation.

View the Presentation

Our Service

Collaboration with IMPACT and Mercy Health Center

Under the direction of CHDS professors Edward Delgado-Romero, Linda Campbell and Linda Logan, alongside Kristi Gilleland, whole person care director, ¡BIEN! psychology trainees are part of the IMPACT team at Mercy Hospital.

IMPACT stands for Integrated Mental and PhysicAl Care Team. The team partners with the other volunteer providers at Mercy Health Center to provide integrated behavioral health services. The IMPACT team consists of counseling psychology PhD students, pharmacy and social work graduate students, and Mercy staff. ¡BIEN! students provide Spanish language therapy as well as see general patients referred to us by medical staff.

Learn More About Mercy Health Center

La Clinica In La K'ech

Now entering its fifth year, the bilingual clinic staffed by the BIEN team under the direction of licensed psychologist Edward Delgado-Romero recently moved and changed its name. Our new location is generously donated by a Oconee Street Methodist Church. Our new name is derived from a Mayan greeting that roughly translated means "You are my other me." Our clinic provides counseling and assessment to the Latinx population in both English and Spanish. We specialize in psychological issues regarding the immigration experience through our partnership with professor Jason Cade and Community Health Law Partnership. Our services are free and people can call 706-389-8462 and leave a message in Spanish or English to set up an initial appointment. Note that the clinic is only open on Fridays.

The clinic is staffed by doctoral students in psychology, interns from the MSW program in the School of Social Work and undergraduate psychology interns (who do not see clients). We have a partnership with U-LEAD to provide support groups for students, families and tutors. We actively collaborate with Mercy Health Center to meet the medical needs of our adult clients.

Meet Our Team

¡BIEN! is a diverse team of scholars who are interested in cultural- and linguistic-competent psychological research and service. Our goals are:

  • To produce multiculturally valid research
  • To provide services to the neighboring community
  • To forge alliances with surrounding resources
  • To disseminate knowledge through presentations and publications
Portrait of Ed Delgado-Romero

Ed Delgado-Romero

Ed Delgado-Romero is the associate dean for faculty and staff services and professor in the counseling psychology doctoral program in the College of Education.

He is one of the founding members of the National Latina/o Psychological Association and a former president, and an associate editor of the Journal of Latina/o Psychology. Delgado-Romero is a co-author of the book "Culturally-Responsive Counseling with Latinas/os," and is affiliate faculty with the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Institute and serves on its executive board.

Portrait of Daphne Jones

Daphne Jones

  • MEd degree in Professional Counseling, University of Georgia, Athens, GA

BIEN Team Leader

Currently a 4th Year doctoral candidate in Counseling Psychology Daphne's research interests include athletic identity of African Americans, social justice and multicultural issues, and capturing the voices of those that struggle from long-term substance use

Portrait of Dr. Linda Campbell

Dr. Linda Campbell

  • Professor – Counseling Psychology, University of Georgia
  • Director, Training Clinic, Dept. of Counseling and Human Development
  • Licensed Georgia Psychologist

Research interests: Professional ethics, multiculturalism and marginalization, supervision, psychotherapy training.

Dr. Campbell is the Chair of the APA Ethics Code Task force and is Vice-President of the Georgia State Board of Examiners of Psychology. She is co-editor of Bringing Psychotherapy to Underserved Populations, and the APA text entitled Casebook on Telepsychology Practice. She has published most recently on ethical practices with underserved and marginalized populations, affirmative practices, telepractice, and masters' practice.

Dr. Campbell teaches ethics, assessment, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and practicum in the counseling psychology doctoral program. She is committed to the recruitment and retention of marginalized students and to the maximization of their learning experience. She and Dr. Delgado-Romero administer a consortium clinical experience inclusive of training in the Center for Counseling, Mercy Health Center, and La Clinica.

Portrait of Nancy J. Muro-Rodriguez

Nancy J. Muro-Rodriguez

  • Completed MEd degree in Counseling Psychology, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO

  • Currently a 1st Year doctoral student in Counseling Psychology

Research Assistant

Research interests: Transgenerational trauma within the Latinx community, immigration, stress-related to living in poverty, multicultural concerns, familismo, and acculturation.

Nancy facilitates individual bilingual (Spanish & English) and bicultural therapy with the Latinx community in Athens, GA. In her free time, Nancy enjoys watching Netflix, dancing, cooking, and practicing hot yoga.

Portrait of Elizabeth Cárdenas Bautista

Elizabeth Cárdenas Bautista

  • Completed a MEd in Professional Counseling, University of Georgia, Athens, GA.
  • Currently a 2nd Year doctoral student in Counseling Psychology

Clinic Co-Coordinator

Research interests: Multicultural counseling, Liberation psychology, Latinx psychology, social justice, and advocacy. More specifically, exploring complex trauma encountered in immigrant communities and intergenerational conflict due to mixed document status in families based on social-political climate. Elizabeth is interested in understanding social justice and activism in communities and in the counseling psychology field.

Currently, Elizabeth is working as a Graduate Assistant to Division 17' s President Dr. Anneliese Singh. Elizabeth's clinical practice extends to providing bilingual/bicultural counseling services to Latinx populations in Athens at La Clinica in LaK'ech, and Mercy Health Center.

Portrait of Ana Carina Ordaz

Ana Carina Ordaz

  • Completed MS degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA.
  • Currently a 2nd Year doctoral candidate in Counseling Psychology

Clinic Co-Coordinator

Research interests: Trauma, specifically on the pre-, in-transit, and post-immigration narratives of individuals and families from Central American communities in Georgia. Also resiliency and post-traumatic growth factors within these communities. Additional research interests include, Latinx Psychology, social justice and advocacy, immigration issues, and multiculturalism.

Ana Carina is a native of East Point, GA with degrees from Georgia State University. She is currently one of the clinical coordinators of La Clinica In LaK'ech, and is passionate about working with the Latinx community in Athens, GA. She is also working as a Graduate Teaching Assistant in the College of Education and teaches Career and Life Planning to undergraduate students. Outside of school, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, eating delicious food, dancing, and traveling.

Portrait of Ruben Atilano

Ruben Atilano

  • MA, counseling psychology, University of Missouri

  • Currently a 4th Year doctoral candidate, counseling psychology

Research interests: The analysis of factors that influence Latina/o students' adaptability to navigate and succeed in college, social justice, multiculturalism, and psychological well-being.

Portrait of Maritza Yvette Duran

Maritza Yvette Duran

  • Completed Masters in Social Work, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
  • Currently a 3rd year doctoral candidate in Counseling Psychology

Research interests: Mental health of Latinx communities, mental health of farm working communities, resiliency factors, health issues in communities of color, environmental racism, environmental justice, bilingual therapy and decolonialization of mental health.

Maritza is from McFarland, CA and hails from a family of farmworkers. She is currently teaching the Diversity and Helping Skills Course in the Department of Counseling Psychology. She currently is an intern at the Nia Project at Grady Hospital in Atlanta, GA and a Minority Fellow through the American Psychological Association. Maritza is currently working on a thematic analysis of research on Undocumented people in Psychology. Her dissertation is on resiliency factors of farm working women. She currently teaches yoga at Shakti Power Yoga in Athens. You might randomly find her doing a head stand in the department.

Portrait of Eleanor Ellis

Eleanor Ellis

  • MA, clinical psychology, Middle Tennessee State University

  • Currently a 4th Year doctoral candidate, counseling psychology

Research interests: Applicability of forgiveness, specifically interpersonal and self-forgiveness in mental health treatment.

Portrait of Jacqueline Fuentes

Jacqueline Fuentes

  • Completed MEd in Counseling, Family, and Human Services with Specialization in Prevention Science, University of Oregon, Eugene OR.

  • Completed MSW and was a Title IV- E recipient, University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA.

  • Currently a 1st year doctoral student in Counseling Psychology

Research interests: Increasing the educational pipeline for underrepresented students and improving service delivery aimed at addressing childhood trauma, Latinx mental health, and preventative interventions

Jacky is a first-generation doctoral student at the University of Georgia whose formative professional experiences occurred as a child welfare social worker in the San Francisco Bay area.

Jacky is currently a Graduate Assistant for the Center for Latino Achievement and Success in Education (CLASE) where she assists in its mission to create research, professional development and outreach initiatives to serve the needs of Latinx students and educators. Jacky enjoys dancing norteño and salsa music, traveling, and overall spending time with friends and family who energize her to continue this journey.

Portrait of Ana Hill

Ana Hill

  • Completed MA degree in Counseling and Higher Education, East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, TN
  • Currently a 3rd Year doctoral candidate in Counseling Psychology

Research interests: Identity development, international psychology, topics of race and ethnicity, multicultural issues, and supervision

Ana is currently doing an advanced practicum as a clinician at Georgia Gwinnett College Counseling and Psychological Services.

She teaches an undergraduate course called Academic and Career Planning, which focuses on helping undergraduate students in their developmental and transitional phases in college. In her free time, Ana enjoys running, hot yoga, reading, and being outside.

Portrait of Ecclesia Holmes

Ecclesia Holmes

  • Completed MS in Mental Health Counseling at Georgia State University
  • Currently a 3rd year doctoral candidate in Counseling Psychology

Research interests: African American women and trauma with specific focus on exploring resilience and sandtray as an evidence-based intervention. Also, gerontology exploring social emotional experiences among this population.

Advocacy and supervision are her passions. Cle is currently working as a Graduate Teaching Assistant in the College of Education. She is the Advocacy Chair for the Georgia Psychological Association for Graduate Students. She loves to eat and travel with her family.

Portrait of Rebekah Ingram

Rebekah Ingram

  • Completed MEd degree in Professional Counseling, University of Georgia, Athens, GA.
  • Currently a 4th Year doctoral candidate in Counseling Psychology.

Research interests: Identity development and resilience formation with a focus on the intersectionality of oppressive systems (specifically cisnormativity, heteronormativity, and racism), and social justice advocacy efforts in public policy

Bekah is currently working as the Academic Coach for the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. She is a founding member of the UGA College of Education Committee for Trans-Affirming Practices, is the Project Coordinator for NIH-sponsored Project AFFIRM Atlanta under the direction of Dr. Anneliese Singh, and is a Student Representative for APA Division 44. Bekah is currently working on a number of sub-studies with the Project AFFIRM team and is working on a dissertation centering around the resilience processes specific to Latinx trans and non-binary individuals. When not studying and working, Bekah enjoys life with her two dogs, Winston and Leo, exercising, and watching TV shows on Bravo.

Portrait of Charmaine Mora-Ozuna

Charmaine Mora-Ozuna

  • Completed MS/EdS degrees in Mental Health Counseling, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL
  • Currently a 1st Year Doctoral Student in Counseling Psychology

Research interests: understanding the impact of trauma on Latinx' mental health. Specifically, childhood trauma, domestic violence, and suicidal behaviors. Additional research interests include Latinx communities' access to culturally competent mental health services.

Charmaine is working as a Graduate Teaching Assistant in the College of Education. Charmaine is passionate about providing Spanish therapy to the Latinx community in Athens through La Clinica In Lak'ech. Charmaine enjoys spending time with her family and friends, eating good food and traveling the world!

Portrait of Shawntell Pace

Shawntell Pace

  • Completed a MEd in Higher Education Administration w/an emphasis in student affairs, Auburn University
  • Completed a MEd in Mental Health Counseling, University of Georgia
  • Currently a 1st year doctoral student in Counseling Psychology

Research interests: The intersection of mental health and race-based experiences among people of African descent and individuals of Chamorro descent as well as social justice and multicultural issues.

Shawntell is currently a Graduate Assistant for the TRIO McNair Scholars, assisting underrepresented undergraduate students with preparing and applying to graduate school. Additionally, Shawntell is a clinician at Mercy Health Center as well as the Center for Counseling and Personal Evaluation where she co-facilitates weekly groups for students of color navigating life at a predominately white institution and Black womxn.

¡BIEN! Students on Internship

Jhokania De Los Santos, MA
University of Colorado School of Medicine
Lindsay Mills, MEd
Doctoral Intern at Georgia Institute of Technology Counseling Center
Marlaine Monroig, MSEd
Doctoral Intern at West Palm Beach VA
Stephanie Shiffler, MA
Doctoral Intern at Lehigh University Counseling Center
David Stanley, MEd
Doctoral Intern at University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill) Counseling Center

¡BIEN! Alumni

Where are they now?

Eliza Belle, PhD
Licensed Psychologist and Consultant
Cristalis Capielo, PhD
Assistant Professor at Arizona State University
Candice Hargons, PhD
Assistant Professor at the University of Kentucky
Jasmine Jenkins, PhD
Post-Doctoral Fellow at Travis County Juvenile Probation Department, Gardner Betts Juvenile Justice Center
Risha Moxely, PhD
Licensed Psychologist at Emory Counseling and Psychological Services
Anthony Hansen, PhD
Licensed Psychologist at Kennesaw State University Counseling Center
Lauren Harper, PhD
Psychologist resident at Providence Medical Group-Progress Ridge Family Medicine & Women's Health
Amelia Hoyle, PhD
Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Emory University
Jennifer Merrifield, PhD
Licensed Psychologist at Columbia VA Health Care System; Veteran Care Coordinator LGBTQIA+
Brooke Rappaport, PhD
Postdoctoral Associate at University of Louisville- Cardinal Success Program
Kimber Shelton, PhD
Licensed Psychologist and Consultant
Keishla Suazo-Padilla, MEd, LAPC
Licensed Associate Professional Counselor at Grace Harbour Behavioral Health
Erin Unkefer, PhD
Staff Psychologist and Intercultural Specialist at Rhode Island School of Design
Courtney Williams, PhD
Post-Doctoral fellow at Vanderbilt University Counseling Center
Marjory Vazquez, PhD
Psychology resident at Kaiser Permanente Central Bay Consortium
Fengkan Zhu, PhD
Post-Doctoral Fellow at University of Georgia Counseling Center

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Contact: Edward Delgado-Romero