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The CLASE Youth Adaptation Study is designed to assess an individual's sense of self and adaptation to new environments and, at the same time, to assess the climates of those new environments.

At this time, the Youth Adaptation Study focuses on the socio-cultural adaptation and identity development of youth and adults in university settings. The study can be used to assess the climate of an educational setting, compare multiple settings, or provide information regarding participants in a particular program or subgroup. For example, the CLASE Youth Adaptation Study is being used in the United States as well as in international settings to examine cultural variations in psychosocial adaptation.

Data Collection

The study uses an online portfolio of demographic questions and other psychometrically valid measures including: the Cultural Adaptation and Development Inventory, evaluating cultural adaptation and cultural sensitivity; the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale; and items adapted from the Youth Adaptation Growth Questionnaire, evaluating achievement motivation, depression, and identity.


Participants must be at least 18 years of age, attending a university, and fluent in English or Spanish. The anticipated duration is 30 minutes per survey.

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For more information about the CLASE Youth Adaptation Survey, please email Pedro Portes.

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