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Any applicants to a program in the Department of Kinesiology can apply for a graduate assistantship.


Assistantship information

Assistantship opportunities within the Kinesiology Department are available to highly qualified applicants, providing financial support and professional, teaching, or research experience. Graduate assistants work between 13-20 hours/week while completing their academic programs and receive a monthly stipend, full tuition waiver, and one-third remission of health insurance if enrolled on the university plan.

Other assistantship opportunities

Depending upon your background and interests you may also wish to apply for assistantship opportunities outside the Department of Kinesiology, such as:

Even more financial aid information can be requested from the Office of Student Financial Aid.

How to Apply

Assistantship application

If you are interested in a departmental assistantship, complete your program's application for admission by January 10 and submit your application for graduate assistantship as soon as possible.

Selection process

Departmental assistantships are chosen once a year for the coming academic year. Students with an assistantship must be enrolled during the academic year. Applications are reviewed starting around February 1. Usually 80% of the assistantships are awarded during the months of February and March, and the remainder during April. You cannot be awarded an assistantship until you have been admitted to a degree program in the University.