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Seeking financial aid?

All University of Georgia students should take advantage of resources available through the UGA Office of Financial Aid as they consider their tuition and living expenses. In addition, some departments within the College of Education offer additional assistantships, scholarships, grants, and other financial awards to students.

Here in our website for financial aid resources, you'll find a list of degree programs that you can click to view scholarships that are likely to be available to you as a student in that program. Alternatively, you can peruse other opportunities through the university or third-party websites.

If you have any problems finding financial aid, reach out to the COE's Office of Student Services in 122 Aderhold Hall for help. We are here to help!

Financial aid opportunities Graduate assistantships

External Resources

These external websites offer an abundance of information about teacher scholarships.

Other funding sources

Office of Student Services

We collaborate with programs and departments across the university to provide students with accurate, friendly, and professional service. Contact us today for help finding financial aid!

UGA Office of Financial Aid

This university office provides resources and knowledge about all kinds of different strategies for offsetting the costs of attending college. Peruse their website for a wealth of information related to financial aid!

Study Abroad Scholarships

Want to take a trip but scared of how much it will cost? The university's Office of International Education can point you to a number of different funding sources to help you along the way!