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Carol J. Fisher Award for Excellence in Research

Named in memory of former faculty member Carol J. Fisher, this award is presented to an LLE doctoral student(s) with a distinguished record of scholarship.

The committee may divide the $500 minimum cash prize among several winners or not make an award if the candidate pool is not competitive.

At a Glance

  • Deadline: March 15
  • Sponsor: Carol J. Fisher Scholarship Fund
  • Audience: Graduate Students
  • Financial Aid Type: Scholarship
  • Semesters: Spring
  • Contact:


This award is open to any full-time LLE doctoral student who (1) has been nominated by one of the focus areas for nominee’s distinguished record of doctoral scholarship and (2) has not been a previous awardee.

How to Apply

The nomination package—one per focus area—should be submitted to the graduate coordinator by March 15. Packages submitted after March 15 will not be considered.

Nomination packages include the following:

  1. Vitae that indicates contribution to each publication, presentation, grant, etc.
  2. Letter of support from sponsoring faculty member
  3. Supporting documents, which might include articles, chapters, books, or other public documents that disseminate research

Evaluation Criteria

  1. Focus on research in quantitative, qualitative, or other research traditions
  2. Volume of work produced
  3. Amount of contribution to collaborative work
  4. Impact of work
  5. Service in the area of research, particularly at the national level
  6. Honors for research
  7. Other evidence of distinguished scholarship
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