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Ms. Jan L. Branham established the fund that supports the Branham Scholarship as an estate gift in honor of her daughter in 2006. Departmental faculty work with the trustees of Ms. Branham's estate to determine eligibility or to award funds each year. The Branham Scholarship may be awarded as one-time scholarship funds or may be used to support a graduate assistantship, at the trustees' discretion.


Currently enrolled graduate students studying autism spectrum disorders or the education of persons with autism spectrum disorders are eligible to apply for the Jan L. Branham Scholarship.

How to Apply

All communication sciences and special education departmental scholarships are awarded in spring semester each year by a competitive application and review process to enrolled, continuing students for use in the following academic year. Application information will be circulated widely to all enrolled students every fall semester. The final selection for the Branham Scholarship is made by the trustees of Ms. Branham's estate.