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Graduate Students of Color Research Mentoring Program (GSOCRM)

This cohort-based mentoring program for graduate students of color is a collaboration between the College’s Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and the College’s Office of Research and Graduate Education . In this program, students will:

  • Access information, resources, and helpful/impactful mentoring relationships
  • Develop important skills in research, leadership, and career development
  • Learn academic and research strategies focused on success and resilience from faculty of color and other research mentors
  • Experience affinity, affirmation, and fellowship with other graduate students of color

Program Requirements

  • Commitment to exploring intersectional issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion in graduate programs
  • Commitment to being intentional and engaged in the mentoring program
  • Participate in workshops and other events
  • Attend the GSOCRM Scholar Retreat, which takes place in the spring of the academic year (this retreat supports you as a scholar of color and will cover topics such as exploring professional development, imposter syndrome, how to apply for external funding, relationship with finance, and networking)
  • Completion of formative and summative mentoring program evaluation requests

There will also be pop-up workshops that you are welcome to attend (e.g., academic writing, restorative justice, indigenous qualitative methods).

How to Apply

Application information will be available mid-August. If you have questions, please email .

GSOCRM Scholar Retreat

The GSOCRM Scholar Retreat, formerly known as the Long Day Training, is designed to help students prepare for the rigors of graduate school, provide a scholarly atmosphere of support where historically excluded doctoral students can share and receive ongoing feedback on their research and professional interests, and assist students with goal setting and outlining a professional plan.

It serves as a special time and space devoted to graduate students in the College of Education from different programs and levels of study to network with others who seek to enter the professoriate and/or university administration.

The retreat offers knowledge and insights to increase the successful completion of respective doctoral programs and future faculty representation. The theme of the retreat will change each year depending on the coordinator’s request. Some of the topics for the retreat may include but are not limited to:

  • Navigating the politics of the academy
  • Mentorship and building an academic community
  • Succeeding amid the rigors of graduate school
  • Wellness session
  • Coping with and avoiding personal and emotional hurdles to success
  • Maintaining a balanced life as you matriculate through your graduate programs
  • Funding, publishing, and marketing yourself
  • Finding funding for your research
  • Publishing work and marketing yourself in graduate school

GSOCRM Closing Celebration

Every year, members of GSOCRM are invited to attend the program’s end-of-the-year closing celebration, which is designed to nurture connections, reflect on the year, and celebrate year-end accomplishments.

Members are strongly encouraged to attend this event, as it serves as a culminating moment.

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