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The College of Education student ambassadors act as official hosts and representatives of the College. Ambassadors have the opportunity to:

  • Meet with prospective students
  • Facilitate orientation activities
  • Give building tours
  • Support outreach and recruitment initiatives
  • Provide strong student support at events such as open houses, welcome-back events, convocation, and other recognition ceremonies.

It is important to the senior leadership of the College of Education to make decisions, when appropriate, based on student input and feedback. A unique experience for students, ambassadors are often invited to share their student perspective with the dean's office on important issues and give input for new initiatives for college improvements. Students may contact the ambassadors with an issue or idea.

Contact us if you have questions or are interested in being involved with the student ambassador program. Applications open every January, and interviews take place during the spring.

Apply to be a student ambassador

The application for the 2018-2019 Student Ambassador group will be open on January 18th. Applications will be due on February 15th. If you have further questions about the application process or COE Student Ambassadors please contact Callie Cole.

Apply Now

Request Ambassadors for an Event

If you are faculty or staff and it would be helpful for student ambassadors to volunteer for your event, you can submit an online request. Please allow at least one week's notice when requesting student leader volunteers.

Department affiliations

Current Members

Portrait of Amari Allen

Amari Allen

Born in Marietta, Georgia, Amari Allen tries to remain open minded and willing to experience new things. Her motto is that college isn't only about earning your degree—it's also about growth, and the only way to grow is through new experiences that make you feel uncomfortable. Amari is a third-year exercise and sport science major who enjoys the atmosphere of campus on game days.

Portrait of Cory Amick

Cory Amick

Cory Amick is a third-year exercise and sport science student from Milton, Georgia. His advice for incoming freshman to the College of Education is to not be afraid to change your major. Cory's favorite UGA tradition is to spend Saturdays in Athens where he can also chow down on some Mama's Boy.

Portrait of Saba Amirali

Saba Amirali

Born in Athens, but raised in Woodstock, Georgia, Saba Amirali has always felt a special connection to the Dawgs. She is a third-year early childhood education major and a sociology minor. Her passion for teaching was inspired by her amazing second grade teacher, and she can't wait to inspire her students the same way. Saba loves going to concerts, so if you need a pal, she would be more than happy to join you!

Portrait of Caleb Anderson

Caleb Anderson

Caleb Anderson is a second-year English/English education major from Canton, Georgia. He is proud to be a student ambassador and enjoys working at different events and seeing people enjoy themselves. He believes that time management is probably the most important skill you can learn in college. His advice for freshman is to find yourself, enjoy every moment, and learn as much as you can.

Portrait of Miller Barnett

Miller Barnett

Miller Barnett is a fourth-year undergraduate student from Cartersville, Georgia, who is in the social studies education program in the College of Education. In addition to being a student ambassador, he is also a lifeguard, a safety instructor, and the president of the University of Georgia Swim Club. Miller enjoys meeting new friends and making connections across the College and UGA.

Portrait of Tanja Bilbija

Tanja Bilbija

Born in Germany, Tanja Bilbija is a fourth-year English/English education major who enjoys supporting other student ambassadors during ice breakers, meetings, and community events. Together, they understand what it's like to be in the College of Education at various stages and the encouragement they give one another is really heartwarming.

Portrait of Emily Black

Emily Black

Emily Black is a fourth-year student in the mathematics education program. She is an animal lover and her family own six dogs, four cats, and one turtle. She is also a cat owner herself, and is considered by most a "crazy cat lady." Emily enjoys spending her time watching Netflix, cuddling with her kitten, and enjoying the outdoors at the State Botanical Garden.

Portrait of Tiaan Brouwer

Tiaan Brouwer

Tiaan Brouwer is a third-year exercise and sport science and athletic training double major from Watkinsville, Georgia. His favorite part about being a student ambassador is having the opportunity to share with current and future College of Education students about the impact the college has had on both his college and personal life.

Portrait of Kelsey Campbell

Kelsey Campbell

From Ellenwood, Georgia, Kelsey Campbell is a third-year exercise and sport science major who loves being involved at UGA in a way that not only allows her to meet different people, but also provides her an opportunity to serve the College of Education, which has played a large role in making her feel at home at the university.

Portrait of Chloe Casey

Chloe Casey

A native of Athens, Georgia, Chloe Casey is a fourth-year English/English education major who enjoys lighting up Sanford Stadium before the fourth quarter of a game. As a student ambassador, she has the opportunity to meet new people while representing the best College! Her tip for incoming freshman? Invest your time wisely—where you invest your love, you invest your life!

Portrait of Ahra Cho

Ahra Cho

Ahra Cho is a senior pursuing a bachelor's degree in English/English education and psychology. No, she does not edit other people's essays for fun, and no, she cannot guess what you are thinking. One day, she hopes to teach English and inspire youths to read entire novels instead of using SparkNotes!

Portrait of Lane Crawford

Lane Crawford

Lane Crawford is a second-year world language education and Spanish double major from Peachtree Corners, Georgia. Diversity is one of her favorite qualities about the University, and she advises other students to meet new people. Lana's favorite part about being a College of Education ambassador is the opportunity to build relationships with new and prospective students who visit during recruitment events. She enjoys serving as the face of the College and helping students feel at home.

Portrait of Hannah Crowe

Hannah Crowe

From Cumming, Georgia, Hannah Crowe is a third-year middle grades education major focused on math and science education. She enjoys meeting new people she wouldn't have met otherwise as a College of Education student ambassador. She advises every student to enjoy every second of their experience at UGA because they'll be walking under the arch at graduation soon enough!

Portrait of Jenna Currin

Jenna Currin

Jenna Currin is a third-year communication sciences and disorders major from Peachtree City, Georgia who isn't afraid to try new things, join new clubs, and meet new people. Her favorite part about being a student ambassador is meeting new people and seeing all of the hard work that goes into organizing a College of Education event.

Portrait of Alexius Davis

Alexius Davis

Originally from Sylvester, Georgia, Alexius Davis is a senior majoring in mathematics education. She enjoys playing tennis, the piano, and helping others. Alexius hopes to be a math teacher and a superintendent one day.

Portrait of Brianna Davis

Brianna Davis

Brianna Davis is a third-year sport management major from McDonough, Georgia. Her goal is to work for a collegiate or professional football team. Brianna is a committee member of Shop with a Bulldawg and an intern with UGA Hockey. She is also a VIP Gameday Host for the Atlanta Falcons. One thing on Brianna's bucket list is to go to the Summer Olympics and watch beach volleyball and gymnastics.

Portrait of JyQuan Davis

JyQuan Davis

JyQuan Davis is a third-year middle grades education major from Thomaston, Georgia, who enjoys giving building tours and working on various outreach initiatives as a College of Education ambassador. He encourages other students to identify their interests and find student organizations that best represent who they are or who they aspire to become.

Portrait of Marques Dexter

Marques Dexter

Originally from Philadelphia, Marques Dexter is a second-year doctoral student majoring in sport management and policy. He enjoys interacting with other College of Education students, as well as connecting with current/former students, administration, faculty, and staff. Marques wants others to walk in their truth and know that people are going to respect and like them for who they genuinely are.

Portrait of Shea Duckworth

Shea Duckworth

Shea Duckworth is a second-year exercise and sport science major from New Orleans who loves meeting other people interested in the field and informing students about the different professions an exercise and sport science major can have. She encourages students to meet new people every day and to get involved in various clubs or organizations.

Portrait of Jason Edwards

Jason Edwards

Hailing from Fort Myers, Florida, Jason Edwards is a second-year master's student majoring in sport pedagogy. As a student ambassador, he enjoys meeting new students and alumni and connecting with Bulldogs from other generations. He lives by the motto that change is inevitable, but growth is optional.

Portrait of Kerrijo Ellis

Kerrijo Ellis

Originally from Montego Bay, Jamaica, Kerrijo Ellis is a second-year master's student majoring in educational psychology. She enjoys game days in Athens and meeting student leaders from different disciplines in the College of Education. Kerrijo wants every student to get involved and make the most out of their four years at UGA because time goes by fast!

Portrait of Paige Fierbaugh

Paige Fierbaugh

Paige Fierbaugh is a third-year early childhood education major from Peachtree City, Georgia. She loves traveling and spending time outdoors. Some of Paige's favorite things to eat include Your Pie, Chick-Fil-A, and all things chocolate! Her goal is to graduate early and spend time teaching overseas in a third-world country.

Portrait of Amanda Freeman

Amanda Freeman

Amanda Freeman grew up in Augusta, Georgia. She is a first-year master's student majoring in special education. She loves her golden doodle more than tacos, and her second home is the beach. Amanda loves babies, especially her niece, and she hopes to meet a clone of Dwight Schrute.

Portrait of Leesi George-Komi

Leesi George-Komi

Leesi George-Komi is a fourth-year exercise and sport science major from Stone Mountain, Georgia. He enjoys interacting with students in different majors and advises all freshman to make the most out of their first year at UGA by getting involved in different organizations and clubs. Who knows—you might even learn something about yourself that you didn't know before!

Portrait of Ali Godwin

Ali Godwin

Ali Godwin is a fourth-year student from Suwanee, Georgia, currently pursuing a bachelor's and a master's degree in early childhood education. It sounds like she has her life together, but she really doesn't. She hopes to be a kindergarten teacher or a fairy princess, whichever pays better. In her spare time, she enjoys going on runs, crafting, and volunteering through Athens Church.

Portrait of Tyler Haaland

Tyler Haaland

Tyler Haaland is a fourth-year student from Knoxville, Tennessee. Ironically, he grew up a Tennessee fan, but has now transformed into a dawgs fan. Tyler is a double major in finance and sport management. He is also a member of Sigma Nu Fraternity.

Portrait of Joseph Hart

Joseph Hart

From Ellijay, Georgia, Joseph Hart is a fourth-year special education major who enjoys helping students understand the importance of every career path available in the College of Education. He encourages incoming freshman to get involved on campus and to find their niche at the University of Georgia.

Portrait of Brian Heredia

Brian Heredia

Brian Heredia is a fourth-year history and social studies education major from the wonderful city of Athens, Georgia. Besides being a student ambassador, Brian tutors elementary school students every week at the Rocksprings Community Center. He also loves to cook and cheer on the Dawgs.

Portrait of Nicole Hodge

Nicole Hodge

Nicole Hodge is a third-year early childhood education major from Columbus, Georgia, who loves representing the College of Education. She enjoys getting to know other students outside of her major program, as well as faculty members in the College. Nicole advises students to take advantage of any opportunity that presents itself and to embrace who they are.

Portrait of Sydney Hollingsworth

Sydney Hollingsworth

Sydney Hollingsworth is a fourth-year health and physical education major from Columbus, Georgia, who enjoys giving tours to prospective students as a student ambassador for the College of Education. She is always willing to give students advice about their future college experience and loves to attend Gym Dawgs and swim meets in her free time.

Portrait of Rebekah Johnson

Rebekah Johnson

Rebekah Johnson is a fourth-year English education major from Sugar Hill, Georgia, who loves meeting new people as a student ambassador. Whether it's distinguished professionals she's been able to network with, other ambassadors who are fun, motivated, and who love the College, or incoming students who are just starting out at the university, everyone has had a positive impact on her.

Portrait of Nicole Larson

Nicole Larson

Nicole Larson is from Guyton, Georgia, a small town near the southeastern border. She is a fourth-year student majoring in exercise and sports science with the intention of being a physical therapist. One interesting fact about Nicole is that she is an avid runner, so if you ever see her running around campus, feel free to wave or say "hi."

Portrait of Dustin Le

Dustin Le

Hailing from Lawrenceville, Georgia, Dustin Le is a sixth-year athletic training major who enjoys supporting a diverse and culturally aware group at the College through various activities. He encourages students to try new things and to leave their comfort zone because everyone finishes college at their own pace.

Portrait of Amy Lee

Amy Lee

Amy Lee is a third-year special education major from Dacula, Georgia, who is on the recruitment committee for the student ambassadors. She enjoys meeting prospective students and helping them get excited about being a dawg in the College of Education. As an upperclassman, her time in Athens is running out, so she advises everyone to take advantage of the city from their very first day on campus.

Portrait of Michelle Legette

Michelle Legette

Loud and proud, Athens native Michelle Legette is a fifth-year majoring in early childhood education. One day, she wants to become a superintendent. Some of her favorite things are grilled cheese, Disney movies, and ShondaLand.

Portrait of Diana Lopez

Diana Lopez

Diana Lopez is a third-year early childhood education major from Fayetteville, Georgia, who loves being a part of a group that can potentially impact the lives of students in the College of Education. Knowing that she has the ability to influence lives is a treasure to her, and she advises students to take college one day at a time. It's easy to get caught up with deadlines constantly hanging over you, but you will get through it.

Portrait of Kayla Magnus

Kayla Magnus

Kayla Magnus is a fourth-year early childhood education major from Winterville, Georgia. In case you aren't familiar with how close that is, she was born in St. Mary's on Baxter Street and is still only about 10 minutes away from home. She has been a member of the Redcoat Band since starting her time here at UGA. There's no other place she'd rather spend her Saturdays in the fall than in Sanford Stadium. Look out for her on campus as she might be driving your bus!

Portrait of Zoya Merisme

Zoya Merisme

Zoya Merisme is a fourth-year communication sciences and disorders major from Snellville, Georgia, who loves interacting with current and prospective students in the College of Education. She enjoys meeting new people and telling them about the joys of UGA and its beautiful campus. Zoya wants students to never lose sight of why they're here and to never stop working towards their dreams.

Portrait of Meredith Miles

Meredith Miles

Originally from Lawrenceville, Georgia, Meredith Miles is a fourth-year student double majoring in early childhood education and Spanish. She loves meeting prospective students and making sure they have the best possible experience in the College of Education. Meredith believes that it is important to encounter prospective students in intentional ways, so that they can feel the university's magic.

Portrait of Mekayla Murphy

Mekayla Murphy

Mekayla Murphy is a fourth-year exercise and sports science major from Alpharetta, Georgia. She is currently studying to be a physician's assistant and in addition to serving as a student ambassador, she is also a member of the UGA Georgettes dance line. An interesting fact about Mekayla is that she studied abroad in Cortona, Italy.

Portrait of Sammie Napierala

Sammie Napierala

Sammie Napierala is a fourth-year early childhood education major from Lawrenceville, Georgia. She transferred to UGA and has found her college home here in Athens. In her free time, Sammie likes watching Netflix, hanging out with her cohort friends, singing in the car, napping with her cat, crafting, and of course cheering on the Dawgs! Sammie is also a member of Sigma Alpha Omega, and her favorite Athens spots include Ike and Jane, Clocked, and the Botanical Gardens.

Portrait of Erin Reynolds

Erin Reynolds

Originally from Acworth, Georgia, Erin Reynolds is a fourth-year communication sciences and disorders major minoring in Spanish. Erin's perfect career would combine her love of deaf culture with her background in speech-language pathology. In her free time, Erin loves to go outside and she visit North Georgia. In the future, Erin hopes to travel the world and experience all different types of cultures!

Portrait of Maát Ross

Maát Ross

Maát Ross is a fourth-year English education major. This is her second year as a student ambassador, and she is a third-year mentor with the Clarke County Mentoring Program. She attended high school in Atlanta, and after she graduates, she wants to give back to her community by opening her own private school in Atlanta. Maát's parents raised her to live by the quote, "This too shall pass," because she knows that no matter how tough things get, she can accomplish he goals by staying strong and positive.

Portrait of Saori Sakuragi

Saori Sakuragi

Saori Sakuragi is a fourth-year communication sciences and disorders major from Acworth, Georgia, who loves representing the College of Education and getting to know the other student ambassadors. She advises incoming freshman to be confident, have fun, and make new friends! There are so many amazing students from diverse backgrounds, so take advantage of that and open yourself up to a whole new world.

Portrait of Daniel Schoon

Daniel Schoon

Daniel Schoon is a fifth-year mathematics/mathematics education major from Tyrone, Georgia. In his spare time, he tries to dominate UGA intramural sports, but he actually peaked in high school. He also loves competitive bird watching and ice skating. His dream is to win Dancing with the Stars, because that would mean he became famous enough to be considered for the show. If he had a million dollars, he would probably spend a good chunk of it on Chick-fil- A deluxe sandwiches and Polynesian sauce.

Portrait of Hannah Sharpe

Hannah Sharpe

From Marietta, Georgia, Hannah Sharpe is a third-year student double majoring in social studies education and history. She loves meeting both incoming and prospective students and learning about their experiences, excitements, and goals. Hannah's tip for incoming freshman is to say hi to everyone you meet! You never know whose life you will brighten or positively influence.

Portrait of Marlyse Sifre

Marlyse Sifre

Marlyse Sifre is a fourth-year health and physical education major from Washington, Georgia. She loves getting involved with the College of Education community, as well as making new friends and connections. Her favorite UGA tradition is jumping into Herty Fountain as a freshman.

Portrait of Codi-Belle Smith

Codi-Belle Smith

Codi-Belle Smith is a third-year special education major from Sandy Cross, Georgia, who enjoys meeting motivated College of Education students and hearing about their aspirations. There are so many opportunities at UGA, and she encourages students to put in the effort to succeed. You get what you give.

Portrait of Natalie Stout

Natalie Stout

Originally from Suwanee, Georgia, Natalie Stout is a third-year special education major focused on adapted curriculum. Her goal is to be a high school special education teacher. She is a member of the Kappa Delta sorority and has been to Disney World over 20 times.

Portrait of Olivia Taylor

Olivia Taylor

Olivia Taylor is a fourth-year exercise and sport science student from Chattanooga, Tennessee. She is an aspiring physician assistant who hopes to one day work in pediatrics. Olivia loves community service and is the vice president of Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society where she plans monthly service projects for the organization. In her free time, she can be found drinking coffee, crafting, or shopping at Target.

Portrait of Mary Terry

Mary Terry

Mary Terry is a third-year health and physical education major from Oconee, Georgia. She hopes to get her master's degree after graduation and become a high school counselor and track and field coach. She grew up around Athens her whole life, so obviously she loves the Dawgs! Mary is obsessed with macaroni and cheese and cosmic brownies. Also Zach Galifianakis is her soul mate.

Portrait of Alex Van Dyke

Alex Van Dyke

Alex Van Dyke is a first generation college student from Albany, Georgia, who is working on a master's degree in sport pedagogy. Interestingly, one of Alex's legs is longer than the other, which made her six foot frame awkward in basketball and volleyball. However, through sport management, she is able to fulfill a lifelong void of not being an athlete. She works as a game-day ambassador with Georgia Hospitality and promotes gender equity in the sport and entertainment industry.

Portrait of Abbe Van Gorder

Abbe Van Gorder

Originally from Snellville, Georgia, Abbe Van Gorder is delighted to be a senior pursuing a double major in political science and social studies education. She hopes to find an administrative position in state or local government before entering the classroom. Abbe wants to be a teacher with practical experience who is able to relate educational activities to real-life situations. She has tutored at Pinewoods Library and is currently a mentor at Clarke Middle School.

Portrait of Garrett Walker

Garrett Walker

Garrett Walker is a fourth-year student from Madison County, but has lived in Athens since he was 18. His main goal in life is to become a college professor, but he also wants to be a high school teacher or counselor. Another goal of his is to travel the world and visit as many countries as possible. He has already traveled to Israel, Russia, Sweden, Finland, Germany, and Estonia.

Portrait of Sara Kathryn Westbrook

Sara Kathryn Westbrook

Sara Kathryn Westbrook is a fourth-year special education major from Dallas, Georgia, who enjoys advocating for students and making the College of Education the best part of UGA. She loves talking to incoming freshman and transfer students about the College to get them excited about becoming a part of such a phenomenal community. Her advice is to say yes to things that push you out of your comfort zone.

Portrait of Hanna Whitehead

Hanna Whitehead

Hanna Whitehead is a fourth-year communication sciences and disorders major from Buford, Georgia, who loves attending events and representing her major as a student ambassador. She encourages students to stay busy and meet as many people as possible to make campus feel like home. The more relationships you have on campus with students and professors, the more comfortable you will be at UGA.

Portrait of Sarah Williamson

Sarah Williamson

Sarah Williamson is as third-year exercise and sport science major from Buford, Georgia, who enjoys meeting new and prospective students. She loves bragging about the College of Education because she found her major through a student ambassador at a College event, and loves that she can now be that person for someone else. She advises students to not take on more than they can handle.

Portrait of Tracy Wong

Tracy Wong

Tracy Wong is a fourth-year student from Johns Creek, Georgia, studying communication sciences and disorders. In the future, she is excited to help people with communication disabilities as a speech-language pathologist. Tracy loves reading, writing, and exploring new places.

Portrait of Rachael Zimmerman

Rachael Zimmerman

Rachael Zimmerman is a third-year communication sciences and disorders major from Kennesaw, Georgia, who loves serving as an ambassador because of the College of Education's incredible environment. This role gives her a chance to give back to the College, which has provided her numerous opportunities. Her advice is to have your path of involvement at UGA mirror your unique interests, not someone else's!