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The Language and Literacy Education Graduate Organization (LLEGO) is a vibrant and active student organization. Its purpose to advance the study of a variety of aspects within the discipline of language and literacy education, to provide networking and social opportunities, conduct a professional development series, and encourage cross-disciplinary study.


All graduate students in the Department of Language and Literacy Education are members of this organization. There are no dues. To be informed about upcoming LLEGO events, get on listserv and join the Facebook page.


Faculty advisor:

Department affiliations:

2014-2015 Leadership Team

Every academic year a new leadership team is formed.

  • President: Meghan Thornton
  • Vice President: Jenn Whitley
  • Treasurer: Karen Graham
  • Digital Communications: Crystal Beach
  • Digital Communications Assistant: Sonia Sharmin
  • Faculty-Student Liaison: Stephanie Shelton
  • International Student Liaison: Soojin Ahn
  • Faculty Advisor: Professor Michelle Commeyras