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American Sign Language in Paris, France

Offered in Summers

This program provides American Sign Language (ASL) students—with competency readiness for Level 3—with opportunities to engage with Deaf people and Deaf culture in Paris, France.

The program includes:

  • Language instruction and review sessions at lodgings at the beginning and end of each trip day
  • Meet-ups with local Deaf community in Paris and other cities nearby
  • Tours led by a Deaf guide in ASL at tourist attractions and birthplaces of historical Deaf figures
  • Sightseeing and dining at restaurants in the areas, using only ASL as means of communication
  • Language and culture assignments via video recording at sites and lodgings

Apply to this program

Deadline to apply: October 15

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Estimated Cost Breakdown
  • Program fees: ~$2,350
  • Tuition and fees: ~$1,301
  • Airfare: ~$1,500
  • Total estimated cost: ~$5,886

Speak with a UGA financial aid advisor about how to apply the HOPE scholarship and other financial aid to study abroad expenses.

Academic Credit
  • AMSL 2010 - American Sign Language III (3 credit hours)

Continuation of development of skills in ASL with emphasis on advanced comprehension. Integration and refinement of expressive and receptive skills in American Sign Language focused on study of phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, sociolinguistic variation, and ASL discourse.


To qualify for the program, students must have completed:

  • AMSL 1010 and
  • AMSL 1020

Trip Itinerary

Day 1

  • Depart USA

Day 2

  • Arrive in Lyon, France
  • Orientation and welcome dinner

Day 3

  • Tour of Laurent Clerc’s birthplace and museum/bat cave

Day 4

  • Tour of Berthier Museum/Berthier’s birthplace and tomb site
  • Winery tour in Beaune

Day 5

  • Tour of district and historical church

Day 6

  • Visits to the Notre Dame Cathedral and Sainte-Chapelle
  • Lunch in Latin Quarter
  • Pompidou and gorgeous Hotel de Ville

Day 7

  • International Visual Theatre and participate in workshop
  • Arc de triomphe and the famed Champs Elysees Boulevard
  • Palace Garnier and Opera Theatre

Day 8

  • Visit St. Jacques Deaf School, Luxembourg Gardens, and embark on an evening cruise on the Seine River after dinner

Day 9

  • Tour La Conciergerie
  • Swing by l’Epee cenotaph, statue of Joan of Arc, Tuileries Garden, Concorde, and Musee Orsay

Day 10

  • Versailles tour
  • Bike rentals and visit Marie Antoinette’s cottages
  • Return to Paris for early farewell dinner near Eiffel Tower

Day 11

  • Depart France
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