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Study Abroad in Munich and Berlin, Germany


Bridging Boundaries: A Dual-City Exploration of English Language and Teaching in Munich and Berlin, Germany

Study abroad and explore one of Europe’s richest linguistic and cultural landscapes.

This program represents a unique opportunity for students in the field of TESOL, applied linguistics, language teaching, and education. By providing a hands-on experience, coursework aims to bridge theoretical understanding and methodological applications in the realm of English language teaching. Engage with local communities and schools, visit cultural landmarks, and gain firsthand experience of the sociolinguistic dynamics at play while enhancing your understanding of real-world language teaching contexts. Students in this program will partner with local NGOs/schools for a teaching placement to facilitate collaborative learning, professional networking, and cultural exchange.

This program uniquely combines visits to both Munich and Berlin, offering students a contrasting and complementary perspective on German culture and language education. Munich’s rich history and vibrant educational landscape provide a traditional backdrop, while Berlin’s dynamic and progressive environment offers a glimpse into modern and innovative approaches to language teaching.

Collaborations and experiences with English teaching contexts in both cities offer students an opportunity to engage with diverse education professionals and students, observe different educational practices, and participate in cross-regional dialogue on language teaching methods. By interweaving theory, practice, reflection, and cultural exploration across two distinct yet interconnected German cities, this program ensures a comprehensive, nuanced, and innovative educational experience.


This program is designed for:

  • Undergraduate and graduate students: Those pursuing degrees in education, applied linguistics, or related disciplines who wish to acquire specialized skills in teaching English to non-native speakers in grades preK-12.
  • Current and aspiring ESOL endorsement teachers: Professionals seeking ESOL endorsement or aspiring teachers who want to broaden their pedagogical repertoire in working with English-language learners in both national and international contexts.
  • EFL and ESOL instructors: Individuals interested in teaching English abroad or in diverse multilingual communities, aiming to deepen their understanding of curriculum design, materials development, and innovative teaching methods.
  • Interdisciplinary learners: Students from varied disciplines who have a keen interest in language education, cross-cultural communication, and the socio-linguistic aspects of English-language teaching.
  • Education professionals: In-service teachers, curriculum developers, and education administrators looking to enhance their knowledge and practice in ESOL methodologies.
  • International students and practitioners: Those from different countries aiming to align their practices with contemporary methods in English language teaching, as applicable in both national and international settings.
  • Continuous learners: Individuals seeking professional development opportunities to stay abreast of current trends, research, and best practices in ESOL and EFL instruction.

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Deadline to apply: December 1

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Academic Credit
  • LLED 5630/7630 ESOL (3 credit hours)
Estimated Cost Breakdown
  • Tuition and travel expenses: $5,000
  • Miscellaneous expenses: $500


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