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Consortium for Overseas Student Teaching

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Whether it’s a high school science class in Australia or an elementary school class in South Africa, as a participant in the Consortium for Overseas Student Teaching (COST) program, you learn first-hand what it means to be a teacher in a global society.

COST may serve as part of the culminating experience of your teacher education program, marking the transition from student to professional educator. The consortium allows you to experience this singular moment in your teaching career through full immersion in a foreign culture and classroom.

Each year, between 10 and 15 College of Education students complete this final step of their teacher education programs by taking advantage of this opportunity to student teach abroad. As you think about your student teaching options, we encourage you to consider the COST program, a consortium of universities from across the nation that work through their own colleges and departments to place students in classrooms around the world.

The language of instruction is always English. You do not have to speak or learn a foreign language.


Program InformationEstablished in 1972, COST is a collaboration of 15 colleges and universities in the United States that provides opportunities for its students to have quality student teaching experiences in overseas settings.
Program sitesThrough the COST program, you could teach in Australia, Spain, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, Greece, Germany, France, China, New Zealand, and other exciting destinations!
Interested in applying?Your COST coordinator at UGA is Anna Hiers . Contact her for more information about the program and the application process. To learn more drop by the Office of Clinical Practice (G7A Aderhold Hall ) between 1-4 p.m. on Wednesdays.

Application Details

Students must have a minimum 3.0 CUM GPA and receive academic program approval to participate in the COST program. Complete the COST Pre-Approval application and meet with the UGA COST Coordinator to be considered. COST Walk-In hours, Wednesdays, 1:00 to 4:00 p.m., G7A Aderhold Hall, during Fall and Spring semesters. Email Anna Hiers for more information.


Spring semester

Pre-application essay is due May 1
COST application is due July 15

Fall semester

Pre-application essay is due November 1
COST application is due January 15

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