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Explore history and culture though visits to significant sites and places in England and Scotland. You'll employ a multi-disciplinary approach by studying the relationship between people and their environment—and how that relationship affects society, politics, literature, the arts, and education.

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Deadline to apply: March 20

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Estimated Cost Breakdown

  • Airfare: ~$1,200
  • Program fee: ~$2,995
  • Total estimated cost: ~$4,195

Academic Credit

Select one 3-credit course from the following

  • ANTH/ECOL/FANR/GEOG/INTL 4271/6271: Sustaining Human Societies and the Natural Environment (3–6 credits); meets UGA Writing Certificate requirements

And select one 3-credit course from the following:

  • LLED 4045/7045: Special Topics in Language and Literacy Education (3 credits)

Experience the Culture

We begin our program with a week in the historic college town of Cambridge, England where we take classes at the prestigious Cambridge University. This is followed by an educational tour of London (including the Houses of Parliament), Stonehenge, Bath (and the Roman influence), the Lake District National Park (and surrounding landscapes), Loch Ness and the Scottish Highlands, and Edinburgh (including the castle) where we explore the social, political, environmental, educational, and literary features of these historic and natural places. The program is mostly travel-based, experiential and field-oriented and allows you to draw upon your own backgrounds to understand human–environment relations from a multi-disciplinary and integrated perspective.