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Transfer Students

We’re so glad you are considering becoming part of the College of Education community.

Transferring to a new institution can be a tricky road to navigate, but our goal is to make your transition as easy and as seamless as possible. Understanding how classes transfer from your current institution and helping set your schedule at UGA, we’re happy to answer any questions you might have. If you are a prospective transfer student, please complete the prospective transfer student form .

The Office of Undergraduate Advising has created this Transfer Student Guide (PDF) to aid transfer students in their transition to the Mary Frances Early College of Education. Also be sure to check out the Welcome UGA and Office of Transfer Services websites to find incredibly helpful, university-wide information for transfer students. Before you attend orientation, you should complete our UGA Transfer Student To-Do List to best prepare for a smooth transition to UGA!

Transfer Eligibility: Requirements for Consideration

Transfer consideration requirements are subject to change for each term as the University reviews space availability for a given term. Different GPA baselines are set depending on the hours that transfer into the University of Georgia, with a change in class standing every 30 semester hours. Additionally, some colleges and departments have limits on the number of students in their programs, so an applicant’s intended major might be a factor in the transfer admission decision.

When reviewing a transfer applicant’s record, the best indication of academic success at UGA is a student’s calculated transfer GPA along with the number of classes completed. In calculating your GPA, we use all academic grades you have earned in transferable courses (including D’s, F’s, and WF’s) from every college you have attended. If a course is repeated, we will use both grades. As well, we only review transfer work with specific course titles, course numbers, and credit hours.

Transfer admission decisions are made on a space-as-available basis. Thus, there are neither GPA nor completed credit hour levels that guarantee admission. To be eligible for transfer admission consideration, applicants must meet the criteria established below and submit the required materials in accordance with appropriate university deadlines.

You are eligible for transfer admission consideration to the undergraduate program on UGA’s Athens campus if you have:

  • 30-59 completed hours of transferable credit by the application deadline,
  • graduated from high school at least 12 months prior to the term of intended enrollment,
  • completed at least one year of college by the term of intended enrollment, and have a 3.30 or higher calculated transfer GPA.

For more information about the transfer process, visit the UGA Admissions website .

Programs Offered

Below is a list of our undergraduate programs. Each link will take you to an overview page for that program that includes important information about requirements and deadlines specific to that major.

UGA Mentor Program

The UGA Mentor Program provides an opportunity for students to search and request an experienced UGA alumni mentor using a variety of search criteria, including identity, industry, and more! Finding a UGA mentor narrows down the world of possibilities to meaningful connections. If you’re not sure where to start, there are guidelines, icebreakers, and resources on this site to help you along the way.

Learn More about the UGA Mentor Program

UGA Transition Leaders

The Transition Leaders is a student group that represents and supports initiatives within the Department of Student Transitions. Student Transitions is the newest department in the Division of Student Affairs, created in July 2020 with the goal of providing support and resources to all UGA students at all points of transition during their college experience. Because the Transition Leaders represent all UGA students, they have the chance to create initiatives and programs that range in size, scope, and purpose. For example, Leaders work with first-year students as they enter and acclimate into college life, provide individual and group support to the transfer student population as they come to UGA from a previous institution, create programs to support and engage second-year students as they transition off-campus from their first to their second year at UGA, and so much more.

Transfer Seminars

Our Transfer Seminars are great 1-hour electives to help new students familiarize themselves with UGA.

  • UNIV 2302 is a comprehensive, university-wide transfer seminar that enables students to better understand practices and policies that affect all students at UGA.
  • EDUC 4200 , while covering some university-wide topics, is tailored specifically to transfer students transitioning into the College of Education.

Transfer Credit Video Resources

Transfer Equivalency Guide

This is a short walkthrough explaining how the UGA Transfer Equivalency guide works. This walkthrough explains the basics of navigation of its features. Watching this video will allow you to understand how your previous, or current, outside coursework transfers into UGA.

UGA Bulletin Degree Requirements Walkthrough

This is a short walkthrough explaining the details of the UGA Bulletin Degree Requirements. It details the features and navigation to better understand what courses and requirements are necessary for a given major. Using this video, along with our Transfer Equivalency Walkthrough, will help you to understand your path to any major as you consider transferring to UGA.

Additional Resources for Transfer Students

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