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Posting Guidelines

  • The audience for COEfyi is COE faculty and staff only.
  • COEfyi provides a reliable and timely way to announce and receive information about COE news and events. We will post information about UGA events IF the event includes a COE faculty/staff member or department/unit, or provides relevance to a broad COE audience. Please refer to UGA Columns or the UGA Master Calendar for information about University events.
  • The COEfyi newsletter is sent at 10 a.m. on Wednesdays and Fridays – please keep this in mind when you are submitting time-sensitive requests. If you want your message to be included in the Wednesday post, you must submit your content by noon on Tuesday and by noon on Thursday for the Friday posting. We only will post emergency information after the posting deadline. This information includes emergency notifications about safety, health, computer/phone/building issues, etc. (In the event of a critical change or emergency, announcements will be sent immediately.)
  • Event-related reminders (conferences, grant deadlines, speakers, etc.) may run no more than once a week for a maximum of three weeks.
  • Posts cannot contain matters that are not official COE or UGA business, political statements, endorsements, or fundraising; personal items for sale/purchase/rent; or ads or promotions for outside organizations.
  • Content may be edited by a communications team member for clarity and brevity.
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